Order conditions

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Order Online 

  • Online ordering is only possible when you have an existing account;
  • Orders below the minimum order value will be charged with an additional fare;
  • The additional fare is € 50 (excl. VAT);
  • For the minimum order value please refer to the terms and conditions as agreed upon with your Kapimex contact person;
  • Your order will be confirmed by e-mail and provided with a Kapimex reference (number starting with a V followed by 7 digits), please note that this is not a definitive confirmation;
  • You order will be final after this has been checked and confirmed by Kapimex by means of an official order confirmation (in PDF);
  • If items are not available, they will be kept in backorder

If you have any questions regarding ordering on our website, please do not hesitate to call us at +31 76 504 3300